FFT, Multiple Waveforms.

Cuthbert Nyack
This applet shows the FFT of some commonly occuring signals.

eg parameters (3.0, 0, 10, 62.58, 512, 0.3, 128, 176.0, 86.0, 0.43).
The signal is the impulse response of a damped resonator while the FFT is the characteristic frequency response of a damped resonator whose Q can be changed by a.

(3.0, 1, 10, 33.44, 512, 0.1, 512, 200.0, 66.0, 0.07)
shows the FFT of a rectangular wave whose asymmetry can be changed by a

Changing Fn from 1 to 8 show the FFT of various signals, each one variable in some way by a. In each case the effect of the sampling interval T2 on the spectrum can be examined.

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