Roots of Cubic and Quartic polynomials.

Cuthbert Nyack
For Partial fraction expansion, it is necessary to find the roots of the denominator polynomial.
The applet below can be used to find the roots of cubic and quartic polynomials.
The coefficients are set by scrollbars 2 to 13. The pink text shows the value of the polynomial at the roots.

The image below shows the applet used to find the roots of:-
z4 + 3.25z3 + 4.5z2 + 6.3z + 5.63 = 0
There are 2 pairs of complex conjugate roots at -1.67424 ± j0.2470251 and 0.04924949 ± j1.401165.
Roots of z2 + 3.25z + 4.5 = 0 and z3 + 3.25z2 + 4.5z + 6.3 = 0 are also shown.

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