Z Transform 4 Poles Impulse, Step and Ramp Response.

Cuthbert Nyack
The Z transform of a 4 pole (2 complex conjugate pairs) system is shown below:-

The variation of the impulse(cyan) response with the pole location is illustrated by the following applet with Fn = 0. The unit circle is shown in magenta, the real Z axis is in black, the imaginary Z axis is in pink and the pole location is shown as a green "x".

Changing n shows the effect of changing the number of zeros of the function.

Fn = 1 shows the step response.
Fn = 2 shows the ramp response.
Fn = 3 shows numerical values of the impulse response.
Fn = 4 shows numerical values of the the step response.
Fn = 5 shows numerical values of the the ramp response.

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